Weight Loss

With hypnosis for weight loss, you can positively change your eating patterns. One strategy is to Fee fuller much quicker.

I specialise in virtual gastric band in hypnosis, this type of hypnotherapy for weight loss works directly at the subconscious mind to change the behaviours and eating habits.

What happens in the hypnotic process?

Hypnosis for weight loss allows to change the sub conscious eating patterns. It is much easier to lose weight harnessing the subconscious than trying pure willpower. In the hypnotic state old patterns can be changed quickly, hypnosis is used to integrate the subconscious mind into the process of change in eating habits and lifestyle.

Being satisfied with smaller amounts of food and eating nutritiously rich food becomes the new norm. The sub conscious mind again is programmed to serve, right or wrong, it doesn’t judge, but this time it’s positive.

What happens after the first hypnosis session?

After the first session, my clients report an immediate change in the quantity of food that they need to feel satisfied. By the end of the four sessions my clients are satisfied on much smaller amounts of food and have reestablished a stronger connection from the stomach to the brain making it impossible to ignore the ‘full’ signal.

By reprogramming your relationship to food in general, you will be back in control, better able to make decisions that you know are right for your body. What’s more, you won’t have the cravings or the feelings of missing out that you get with regular weight loss diets. You’ll start experiencing fantastic results after the first session and these results will get stronger by the completion of the four sessions.