In a two-year study, researchers discovered that self-hypnosis was effective at reducing the symptoms of hay fever.

According to Wolf Langewitz of the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, simply “focusing one’s thoughts on allergen-free environments” – such as a beautiful, sandy beach or a snow-capped mountain – could reduce hay fever symptoms by as much as one-third.

Although the results are encouraging, further studies are needed to verify their accuracy. However, since self-hypnosis is inexpensive (once learned) and has no side-effects, Langewitz  suggests that sufferers of allergies should try it.

In a different study using hypnotherapy to treat irritable bowel syndrome, patients of Dr. Peter Whorwell from Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, UK, who had also suffered from hay fever, reported that their noses were “less runny” following hypnotherapy.