How Can Hypnosis Help

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that causes deep relaxation which allows the mind to be open to transformation, learning, and re-learning of thoughts/habits. In a therapeutic setting, the hypnotic state allows the relaxation of not only the physical body but also the gateway between the conscious & subconscious minds.  At this point, positive or health/life affirming thoughts & beliefs can be introduced so that a desired change can be established in the mind. These new thoughts that support your Goal drives you to automatically & naturally make healthier choices.

What Can Hypnosis Treat?

> To Stop Smoking

> To Control Weight

> To Control Pain

> To Manage Addiction

> To Combat Allergies

> To Conquer Bad Habits

> To Overcome Sexual Dysfunction

> To Deal With Depression

> To Fight Fears & Phobias

> Confidence and Athlete Coaching


Suggestive Hypnosis is the main method used to create new subconscious models for the mind to operate from. The changes are brought about by giving positive suggestions in a relaxed state of concentration. The suggestions used the most is to vividly imagine, feel, hear and experience how the change you want in your life has already happened for you. To our subconscious, there is a very thin line separating what’s imagined and what’s real. The imagination of our subconscious is much stronger than if we were to will or want something with our conscious mind. As you imagine yourself doing something in a relaxed state of hypnosis, your are really setting up your subconscious mind to do it for you in real life as well.

So in a relaxed state of hypnosis you might be given suggestions to imagine what it would feel like being the ideal you, and be doing what you dream of doing. You would imagine what that would look like and what you would be hearing and saying to yourself as you are your ideal self. By vividly imagining this in a state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind begins to identify with what you imagine, and without conscious effort you find how you begin to act the same way in your daily life. The more you repeat Suggestive Hypnosis, the more it gets locked into your subconscious. An audio track with Suggestive Hypnosis specifically tailored for your goals, is one of the most powerful tools you get your hands on if you want to transform and change your life. It can help bring about changes that you want in your life in ways that few other methods of personal growth come close to.